Phore Synapse Development Proposal - June 2019

Phore Synapse Development Budget Proposal (75,000 PHR)

The Phore Synapse testnet phase is underway! We have successfully tested blocks and are working through initial feedback and issues discovered during testing, already having solved the primary one with peer discovery. We have also begun work on the transfer shard which will be the primary shard used for transactions when we bring the Synapse architecture live. The underlying architecture for shard operations (WASM) is performing very well in our initial internal testing. We have also completed an initial wireframe for the Synapse user interface and are fleshing out and improving the design so that we can work on the front end in parallel with completing the back end. We have also created an initial block explorer to provide a basic view into the testnet blockchain, and will continue to add features to that as we complete them in the blockchain and wallet code so that it’s ready when Synapse goes live.

The new Phore sharding architecture will enable increased security, scalability and flexibility, and provide the foundation for adding full Turing-complete smart contract capabilities.

There is still a lot of development and testing work ahead of us to be able to bring Synapse live, and we have several developers and designers involved in the effort. After the basic structure is in place, we will begin work on the wallet GUI, the beginnings of smart contract functionality, and other features that will be needed before we are ready to go live.

These funds will be used for the continued efforts to build the next generation Synapse architecture for Phore, which includes requirements analysis, design, development, testing, project management, marketing, and legal expenses. Synapse is our primary development focus and we are allocating more of the budget to this effort than any other project. This proposal has been submitted for 12 payments, which as of now would likely last until we migrate the blockchain over to the Synapse architecture–once the Synapse architecture goes live, and payment and the budget proposal would be replaced on the new blockchain when it goes live.

We really appreciate your support as we make this part of the Phore vision a reality. This is one of our top priorities as it will form the foundation of the Phore cryptocurrency / blockchain platform. We also really value community feedback, suggestions, ideas, and participation as we proceed with Synapse development. If you have relevant skills and ideas and want to contribute towards Synapse development, we’d love to have your help as well. Please reach out to Michael T. on Discord or Telegram with your questions, feedback, and other contributions.