Phore Synapse Architecture Development - March 2019

Phore Synapse Development Budget Proposal (60,000 PHR)

We are continuing to make good progress with work on the new blockchain architecture, which will include Synapse masternodes, sharding, and the foundation for smart contracts capabilities. The initial work to stand up a testnet for the main (beacon) chain is nearing completion, and once that is running on testnet we will be shifting our focus to sharding operations, beginning with the transfer and governance shards.

The new Phore sharding architecture will enableincreased security, scalability and flexibility, and provide the foundation for adding the smart contract platform.

There is still a lot of development and testing work ahead of us to be able to bring Synapse live, and Wang and Julian are working hard on implementing everything. After the basic structure is in place, we will begin work on the wallet GUI, the beginnings of smart contract functionality, and other features that will be needed before we are ready to go live.

These funds will be allocated to furthering the Phore Synapse architecture development efforts. We really appreciate your support as we make this part of the Phore vision a reality. This is one of our top priorities as it will form the foundation of the Phore cryptocurrency / blockchain platform.

We also really value community feedback, suggestions, ideas, and participation as we proceed with Synapse development. If you have the skills and want to contribute towards Synapse development, we’d love to have your help as well. Please reach out to Michael (Moonshot) on Discord or Telegram with your questions, feedback, and other contributions.