Phore Marketplace Development - March 2019

Phore Marketplace Development Budget Proposal (60,000 PHR)

We are in the testing stage for the next Phore Marketplace release, which will include fully decentralized cryptocurrency trading, verified moderators, many improvements to the search engine and user interface, as well as several bug fixes. If testing goes smoothly, we think we may be able to complete the next release this month, and begin work on the next release that will include support for transactions in other cryptocurrencies (initially adding support for our previously announced partnership with Reddcoin). Our efforts on the Marketplace are focused towards completing mainnet beta testing and exiting beta to conduct a full launch of the Phore Marketplace.

We are also working on the design for decentralized crowdfunding , allowing censorship-resistant fundraising for people and businesses including independent journalists, artists, and others who want to be able to raise funds without the fear of needing permission from a centralized authority or platform, and without the worry of being de-platformed by payment processors or centralized platforms when their political or other views may not match those of the platform. The vision we have for this would allow anyone a safe place to interact directly with their contributors, and allow their contributors to donate privately without sharing their information with anyone other than the person or business they are supporting.

These funds will be allocated to furthering the Phore Marketplace development efforts. Along with the Synapse architecture, we feel that bringing the full vision of the Phore Marketplace to full production status is critical to the future utility and traction of Phore users by providing real solutions to problems that provide a better solution than using centralized platforms.

If you would like to contribute to Phore Marketplace design, development, or testing, please reach out to the Phore Blockchain team–we’d love to get you involved. You can contact Michael (Moonshot) or Anthony on Discord or Telegram with any questions, feedback, and other contributions.