Phore Marketplace Development Budget Proposal - May 2019

Phore Marketplace Development Budget Proposal (50,000 PHR)

We are squashing some final bugs before publishing the next release of the Phore Marketplace, and plan to get it out within the coming weeks. This includes going live with our new and more scalable and reliable public blockchain API which is used by the Phore Marketplace, as well as all of the new features of the Marketplace application, including:

  • Improved search results
  • Store / listing pruning after a store has been offline for more than 1 week
  • Fully decentralized, peer to peer crypto trading (beginning with PHR-BTC pairing, with more to come)
  • Verified moderators to reduce the likelihood of fraud between moderators and buyers or sellers
  • Load balanced, auto-scaled public blockchain API

We have also begun work on the next release that will include supporting buying and selling with other cryptocurrencies, beginning with our announced partnership with Reddcoin.

These funds will be used for the continued efforts to enhance Phore Marketplace applications. Along with the Synapse architecture, we feel that bringing the full vision of the Phore Marketplace to full production status is critical to the future utility and traction of Phore users by providing real solutions to problems that provide a better solution than using centralized platforms.

If you would like to contribute to Phore Marketplace design, development, or testing, please reach out to the Phore Blockchain team–we’d love to get you involved. You can contact Michael (Moonshot) or Anthony on Discord or Telegram with any questions, feedback, and other contributions.