Phore Development Proposal - June 2020

Phore Core Wallet Development Proposal - June 2020 (129,600 PHR)

Since the recurring budget proposals have expired, we are submitting a combined proposal this month for all of Phore’s development, spanning the Phore Marketplace, Synapse, and the Phore Core Wallet. This includes development, testing, deployment, and user support to fix bugs reported by users, improve functionality of existing features, improve the user experience, add new features, and maintain network stability and security. Some of the primary focuses in each of these areas include:

Phore Marketplace

  • Phore Marketplace Web Browser - fixes and improvements based on initial user feedback after launch
  • Improved Phore Marketplace wallet security features
  • Bulk listing update feature beginning with shipping options
  • Crypto trading interface and network improvements


  • Work focused on reaching next public testnet
  • Improvements to reliability
  • Improvements to security
  • Front end wallet design and implementation

Phore Core Wallet

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes for known errors (e.g., RPC commands, masternode editing)
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Addressing to provide easier recovery for lost wallets (among other benefits)
  • User experience improvements
  • Proof of Stake / security improvements
  • Switch from openssl to secp256k1 for consensus
    We appreciate your support in helping us make this a reality. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to make a contribution to Phore’s development, please reach out to Michael T. on Discord or Telegram and let us know.