Phore Core Wallet Development Proposal - October 2021

Phore Core Wallet Development Proposal

October 2021 (49,600 PHR)

This proposal covers further enhancement of the Phore Core wallet. This includes development, testing, deployment, operations, marketing and user support to fix bugs reported by users, improve functionality of existing features, improve the user experience, add new features, and maintain stability and security.

We have made a few final fixes to the v1.7.1 release and we are preparing the build for the official release. This release will include the function to support the Graphene airdrop and a few other enhancements.

In parallel with that we have also been working on the v1.8.0 release, which will include the features outlined below. The planned features for the next two releases after are included for reference as well.

Phore Core v1.8.0

  • Optional ability to hide orphaned stakes from transaction lists
  • Automatic display of next receive address in Receive tab address generation form
  • Options dialog no longer displays wallet related options when running with “disable wallet” mode
  • Improved getwalletinfo RPC that displays the user’s configured transaction fee
  • New getblockindexstats RPC that provides statistical information on ranges of blocks
  • Backupwallet improvement to prevent the possibility of overwriting the current in use wallet.dat file
  • Performance improvement to reduce wasted CPU usage during staking
  • Dependency library updates to reduce dependency on OpenSSL and to update the leveldb version
  • Build support added for RISC-V, s390x, and ppc64el CPU architectures
  • Bug fix to prevent rejection of valid blocks which sometimes causes clients to fork onto a different chain
  • Bug fix for rare staking assertion bug that can cause crashes when two wallets sharing addresses are staking simultaneously
  • Bug fix to prevent wallets from sometimes shutting down in an invalid state that causes “stuck” wallets after restarting the wallet
  • Bug fix for MacOS installer on newer MacOS versions
  • Time Protocol V2 improvements to staking protocol

Phore Core v1.9.0

  • Enhanced information tab, displaying the user’s data directory and latest block hash seen by the client
  • Staking efficiency improvements
  • Bug fix to prevent a bug that in rare, unlikely circumstances could generate negative staking values
  • Disabling zero fee transactions to reduce potential attack vectors that may take advantage of free transactions
  • Block index batch writing to improve performance and reduce potential for data corruption
  • Improvements to testing infrastructure

Phore Core 2.0.0

  • User interface improvements
  • Multi-split stake splitting option that allows users to split stakes into more than two outputs, accelerating the process of getting staking inputs to the desired amount
  • zPHR spending capability, allowing anyone who holds zPHR to spend it or convert it back into PHR
  • Improved time protocol to improve staking efficiency, fairness, and security
  • Performance improvements to reduce wallet startup time
  • Snapcraft packages, allowing easier installation and upgrades for linux users
  • Earlier staking on startup, allowing staking to begin before masternode and budget data are fully synced
  • Faster shutdown during initial load, reducing the wait time to shut down the wallet if the user wants to shut it down during the wallet initialization process


  • We are still evaluating some features for inclusion in Phore Core 2.0.0–the scope of that release may expand
  • Our roadmap is agile, and changes in priority may be made based on new opportunities and conditions that arise

We appreciate your support in helping us make this a reality. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to make a contribution to Phore’s development, please reach out to Michael Trisko or Thomas Ambler on Discord or Telegram and let us know.