Phore Core Wallet Development Proposal - July 2020

Phore Core Wallet Development Proposal - July 2020 (40,000 PHR)

Following the recent v1.6.4 release which included HD addressing, including seed words and some other functionality that are not yet implemented in the bitcoin core wallet, as well as many performance improvements that were impacting especially users with a very large transaction history, we will be focusing on a large number of updates to the Phore protocol and wallet, including many improvements to user functionality, the overall user experience, and bug fixes. We have already completed much of this development and it will be released after it completes testing/QA and final builds are prepared for release.

Examples of current features on our near term core wallet roadmap include:

Development Complete–Testing Underway

  • Add RPC commands for easier integration with Insight servers (Trezor/Phore Marketplace back end) and other 3rd party services
  • Proof of stake protocol security improvements
  • Improvements to gitian build process
  • Compatibility with latest versions of OSX
  • Restore feature to be able to double click on proposals to open the description URL
  • Travis build fixes
  • Update Qt library to 5.9.7
  • Add Tor icon to status bar

Development Underway/Planned

  • Refactoring code to improve quality and ease future development
  • Switch from openssl to secp256k1 for consensus
  • Add support for RISC-V and include in gitian build process
  • Support for OP_CHECKTIMELOCKVERIFY (BIP65) opcode standard
  • New RPC commands including getblockindexstats
  • Removal of zero-fee transaction support
  • improvements to HD addressing GUI setup process
  • Masternode protocol improvements
  • Further staking improvements

We appreciate your support in helping us make this a reality. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to make a contribution to Phore’s development, please reach out to Michael T. on Discord or Telegram and let us know.