Phore Budget Proposal 0.7

Preliminary Budget Proposal

Please note that this budget would cover the period between the first vote and the next superblock (approximately 1 month). After this period, the community will review the proposal and determine which aspects to maintain, revise, or reject.

Development: The development team is the heart of Phore. It is essential that our development team continue to work towards meeting the roadmap goals, as agreed upon by the community. Developing and maintaining the block chain is no easy task. At present it is proposed that that the two key developers be compensated for their ongoing efforts. As such, it is proposed that a total of 40% of development funds be directed toward Phroshi (18%) and Julien (12%), with an additional 10% to be targeted to attracting an additional developer.

Marketing: Phore’s strength has always been its community. It is believed that ongoing growth of the community can only further strengthen the Phore project. Therefore, it is proposed that 30% of the development fund be spent on ongoing marketing efforts to increase our visibility within the crypto community and general public. These funds will be used to promote Phore across social media, financial technology hubs, and press releases. At present we are suggesting a trial offer to XMEDIA CORPORATION* with the hopes that their marketing efforts will lead to a more long-term professional relationship.

The team behind Phore has always thrived to provide the best outreach to the community through interacting across various platforms (slack, discord, twitter, telegram etc). Given that there was no ICO or other fund development process, the entire team of advisors (as listed in the most recent Whitepaper, as well as ad hoc advisors) have volunteered their time to promote the project. All of the current advisors were early adopters of Phore and spent their own personal funds on various marketing ventures. This proposal aims to provide partial compensation for their efforts in this area through directing 20% of development funds to Fish (5%), Liray (5%), Toby (5%), & Ubermaster (5%). These funds will cover the ongoing customer support and help compensate for the many hours put towards Phone over the past months.

An additional 10% of the development fund will be divided into two long-term pools. 5% will be held at the team/communities discretion for unexpected expenses. An additional 5% will be held for a legal fund to prevent any future legal concerns.

  • Please Note we are currently accepting marketing proposals.
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Why is Shanto not being compensated?

He made the decision to put his amount into the dev fund instead.


This seems like a very good budget proposition to me.
Good job Toby.

Thats so kind of him. Count my votes in for this proposal.

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