Graphene Development Proposal - October 2021

Graphene Development Proposal

October 2021 (40,000 PHR, 12 months)

This proposal is for continuing development of the Graphene cryptocurrency platform project to complete the architecture and wallet development and bring the mainnet live. It includes design, development and testing activities of both the back end architecture and the front end wallet interface. This proposal has been entered for 12 months as a recurring proposal–we believe by that point Graphene should be live and would have it’s own decentralized budget governance system working so ongoing funding would be moved over to that system. In the event that the system goes live earlier, any unused funds would be reallocated to Phore development projects.

We unexpectedly lost access to the Amazon Web Services account which was hosting our airdrop system, which proved difficult to solve in a reasonable period of time, so we made the decision to rehost the airdrop system elsewhere. That effort is largely complete and we have announced that the first airdrop will begin on October 11th. Once the airdrop system is live, it will allow users to connect a metamask Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet, upload their proof of PHR address ownership, and execute the airdrop redemption smart contracts.

The Graphene website has also been designed and created and is now live at

There will be some ongoing work to bring the remaining five airdrops live–each one has its own smart contract, and contains a merkle tree data structure with the addresses and balances as of the snapshot block associated with it that needs to be prepared and deployed with each one. We expect each airdrop to be deployed about two weeks apart. Once the airdrop system work is fully completed, we will be shifting more development time onto the efforts to complete the Graphene blockchain and launch.

Current Graphene development priorities include:

  • Finalization and deployment of the Graphene airdrop system
  • Preparation for next iteration of the Graphene testnet
  • Graphene wallet user interface implementation
  • Implementation of wallet related RPC commands
  • Improvements to the shard governance system
  • Development of Graphene block explorer
  • Design and implementation of the smart contract shard

Other Graphene priorities include:

  • Graphene branding
  • Production of Graphene marketing media

We appreciate your support in helping us make this a reality. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to make a contribution to Phore’s development, please reach out to Michael Trisko or Thomas Ambler on Discord or Telegram and let us know.