Delay Decision to Launch Synapse as New Cryptocurrency

Delay Decision to Launch Synapse as New Cryptocurrency

100 PHR

The Phore team believes we have already had significant discussion with the Phore community about this topic and felt that we had received overwhelmingly positive feedback about that direction. However, we had not put the decision to a formal masternode vote, and felt it was important to do so to formalize this community decision. We created a budget proposal for this budget cycle to allow Phore masternode owners to vote to formalize this decision (either for or against).

At least one member of the Phore community has expressed that he would like more time for discussion and gathering information before voting on whether or not to launch Synapse as a new cryptocurrency, separate from the Phore cryptocurrency. In response to this sentiment, we are creating this alternate proposal to gauge the opinion of the overall Phore community as to whether or not we should delay the masternode vote on this direction for an additional budget cycle.

The primary impact of delaying this decision that we see would be that it would delay some of our planned marketing activities that go along with the direction we are proposing for an additional month. Another impact of course is to give the community more time for discussion and Q&A about this decision before the masternode vote is cast.

We would ask that you only vote yes to either this proposal or the other proposal entitled “Launch Synapse as New Cryptocurrency” (split-synapse within the Phore wallet), and either vote no or abstain to the other proposal (or vote no to both if you are sure you oppose the decision to launch Synapse as a separate cryptocurrency). That way we will have a clear answer as to whether or not the community thinks that we should proceed with the decision to separate the two projects, or wait an additional budget cycle to finalize that decision.