Budget Proposal

First of all, let’s calculate Phore’s budget. As you can see here 10% of each block goes to the budget:

Since there is a block every minute, we have 60mn x 24h x 30days x 0.7PHR = 30240 PHR per month.
Besides I believe the budget wallet can stake so the total should be higher at then end of the month, probably an additional 1000 PHR, which gives us 31240 PHR (by the way can someone give me the budget address explorer link please ?).
At the current price this represents 14570$ of monthly Phore budget.

Now here is my proposition on how to split the budget:

  • 1/3 goes toward product development/paying the devs (10414 PHR)

  • 1/3 goes toward marketing: promo material, events, contests, paying the PR guys, etc… (10413 PHR)

  • 1/3 goes to the treasury to fund future needs and to have some breathing room whenever we have a special project.
    (10413 PHR)

Tell me what you think about this proposition. Ultimately masternodes will decide with their votes anyway.

NB: Around march 9th 2018, the monthly Phore budget will go down to 22500 PHR because of block reward reduction. Hopefully the price of Phore will be a lot higer by then.

PS: Anybody who’s ever been involved in a startup knows that you shouldn’t expect to make profit during at least the first 6 months.
For your information, Dash monthly budget is now about $1 million/month:

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