Budget Proposal for a good cause

We are a non-profit social serving NGO, currently focusing on students facing ragging problems in colleges, and for women in India. This NGO was started by Prof. Rajendra Kachroo. We also teach primary school children in which college students help. So, we are making this proposal to PhoreCoin as this would be of great help to us. And thus we urge phore users having masternodes to vote for our proposal. The whole funds will be utilised for social service only, and for no personal gains.
You can e-mail our founder for the same. The user crypto-dev lead us to you for help. He is a supporter.
Breakdown of funds-
30%- stationary&books for primary children
30%- Funds for primary school
10%- Awareness campaigns
25%- Food and healthcare products to pregnant women and children
5%- Trust Reserves in case of emergency
Your vote can save lives of rural children and offer them bright future.
You may contact or search for our NGO. Other details can be found on amanmovement.org
The Trust office is at
689, Sector 23
Gurgaon, Haryana- 122017
Phone:0124-4014721, 0124-4017168 (9:30 AM - 6:00 PM)
Founder Trustee: Prof. Rajendar Kachroo
Mobile: +91-9818400116 (Only in case of emergency)