Budget Proposal 0.8

Preliminary Budget Proposal

Please note that this budget would cover the period between the first vote and the next superblock (approximately 1 month). After this period, the community will review the proposal and determine which aspects to maintain, revise, or reject. Please note that in this revised proposal, the Phore Team decided to not take payment for their services, but rather put these funds into development of the project.

Development: The development team is the heart of Phore. It is essential that our development team continue to work towards meeting the roadmap goals, as agreed upon by the community. Developing and maintaining the block chain is no easy task. It is proposed that 15% be provided to the lead developer, 15% to Julien, and 20% to recruit additional developers.

Marketing: Phore’s strength has always been its community. It is believed that ongoing growth of the community can only further strengthen the Phone project. Therefore, it is proposed that 30% of the development fund be spent on ongoing marketing efforts to increase our visibility within the crypto community and general public. These funds will be used to promote Phore across social media, financial technology hubs, and press releases. At present we are suggesting a trial offer to XMEDIA CORPORATION* with the hopes that their marketing efforts will lead to a more long-term professional relationship.
*Note: We are currently accepting marketing proposals for this contract.

An additional 20% of the development fund will be divided into two long-term pools. 10% will be held at the team/communities discretion for unexpected and future expenses. An additional 10% will be held for a legal fund to help prevent any future legal concerns.


This seems like a good distribution to me. I’m going to make a pie chart to help visualize this.