Aug. 2018 Exchange Listing Fund Proposal

Aug. 2018 Exchange Listing Fund Proposal (13,200 PHR)

This part of the budget will be entirely dedicated to covering the costs of getting Phore listed on additional exchanges.

This proposal is consistent with the level we have allocated in previous months, about 30% of the overall Phore development budget, with the remainder going to the core team proposal that has already been approved.

We have had significant outlay with our listing on IDAX (a top 25 exchange in terms of 24 hour volume), and feel it important to replenish our pool of funds as quickly as possible - in order to ensure we do not miss opportunities as they appear.

Exchanges which are consistently among the highest in 24 hour volume, along with other criteria as the team conducts due diligence on exchanges, as well as community desires and feedback will help determine the highest priority exchanges we will target.

Now that the marketplace has been developed and is gaining traction and recognition with every passing day, we want to make Phore more accessible and to have more liquidity. Additional exchange listings will help accomplish this and provide more choice to Phore users. The budgeted funds will help cover exchange listing fees and promotional campaigns (e.g., airdrops, giveaways) that many exchanges include in their listing process.

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